Black Healing

Healing begins with talking to each other. Our conversations on Black healing series includes the voices of Black advocates, therapists, social workers, writers, artists and yoga teachers on the most pressing issues surrounding mental health. View and share with your loved ones, and let's keep the conversation going!



What is Healing? 

In our first mini video,  Director of the Hope Center Kyndra Frazier and Nurse Natalie Sabon share and define healing. 


How does social justice connect to mental health & healing? 

Our second mini video explores the intersection of mental health and social justice, and includes the voices of our Executive Director Yolo Akili Robinson, Mental Health Advocate Alex Hardy and more. 


The complete first episode of the conversation on healing in Black communities. 

Featuring writer Myles Johnson, artist and film maker Jamal lewis and many more. 


BEAM interview with Blavity.

BEAM's Executive Director Yolo Akili interviewed with Blavity on BEAM's work and why healing justice work is critical for Black communities.