2018 Southern Healing Support Fund Awardees

BEAM is proud to announce our first round of Southern Healing Support Fund awardees. This was a very competitive process, and BEAM’s team of advisors, reviewers and staff struggled with wanting to support more. We look forward to growing this fund more in the future. To all our awardees, thank you for your service to our communities and we are ecstatic to support you.


The Melanated Birth & Yoga Retreat, Memphis, Tennessee ($1,000.00)

Miajenell Peake, Birth Doula & M.P.H


The Melanated Birth and Yoga one-day Retreat goal is to reach 50 Black women who are mothers or expecting mothers in the Memphis Tennessee area. With the help of the Southern Healing Support Fund, Black women will be informed about birthing options, prenatal informed consent and the benefits of yoga in one setting. After attending this event, Black women will be reenergized and given a suitable and useful tool to destress in their everyday lives, despite the disparities and injustices that they face every single day. 


Community Roots Clinic, Atlanta, GA ($1,000.00)

Dionne Hills, Herbalist


Southern Healing Support Funds will be used to support a once a month free pop-up clinic at Lost-N-Found (a center in Atlanta that provides resources to queer youth without housing), as well as additional clinics in collaboration with other social justice organizations centering Black wellness in Atlanta. At each free-clinic, Community Roots provides herbal educational resources, one-on-one consultations with our certified herbalists, dispenses herbal medicine sourced from their own apothecaries, as well as offers an herbal tea blend and a hot meal for the youth and volunteers. They make almost all of the medicine for the clinics by hand which involves: growing or harvesting herbs or purchasing dry herbs, drying the plants, and making the medicine into its final form as tinctures, pills, salves, teas, etc.

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The Confess Project, Little Rock, Arkansas ($1,000.00)

Lorenzo Lewis , Mental Health Advocate


The Confess Project focuses on men of color in regards to mental health awareness and education within local barbershops in Arkansas. With support from the Southern Healing Support Fund, the project will continue designing an intervention-based curriculum that will enhance conscious dialogue in the barbershop, storytelling among its participants, while allowing mental health professionals to provide mental health resources and services to those who are underserved. The Confess Project targets the Arkansas counties with the highest number of unhealthy days (in the past 30 days), the highest risk for suicide, and the highest risk of adolescent depressive symptoms. The Confess Project uses the barbershop as a transformative place to apply direct action to men of color and families and to help increase the applicable services and resources that are available.


Chocolate Soul Revival, Durham, North Carolina ($1,000.00)

Ratasha Elise, Healing Justice Facilitator


Chocolate Soul Revival is a healing justice initiative created by and for Black cis and trans women and femmes, gender non-binary, queer, low/no income, youth, and people living with disabilities. The Project’s ongoing work takes the form of 1 on 1 sessions, community healing circles, workshops, arts infused healing work, and multi-day intensives. Through a decolonial Black queer feminist lens, they are committed to centering the experiences and voices of those most marginalized amongst us in moving through individual and collective grief, trauma, and oppression, into wholeness, clarity, power, and wellness.