Black Masculinity (Re) Imagined

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Black Masculinity (Re) Imagined is a training and community building experience that works with Black men, boys, gender non conforming and non binary individuals to help them explore their relationship to masculinity, their mental health, and how that shows up in relationship to women and girls. The training has two primary objectives:

(1) Mental Health Literacy & Skills Building: After completing the training, participants will have concrete tools to use to offer peer emotional health support and challenge mental health myths in Black communities.

(2) Challenging Toxic Masculinity and creating safety for Black Women and Girls: Through honest exploration of male privilege and power, participants learn about how toxic masculinity can harm women and girls and organize with others to educate and support a culture of safety and consent.

This training is supported by the New York Women’s Foundation and the Women’s Foundation of California.

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Join us at Hot & Cool Cafe in the heart of Leimert Park for an engaging workshop on Masculinity, Mental health & much more!

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