Testimonial: "The students and staff raved about it after you left. You were able to come in and engage them in such an powerful and informative way. We really appreciate you helping to make the retreat a success." — Matthew Smith, Director, Educational Partnerships                                 CSU Dominguez Hills






*This course is a version of "Black Masculinity & Mental Health" a course  designed for Black participants. 


Masculinity & Mental Health Training*

Our Mental Health and Masculinity Training is a tool  for those preparing to work with men, masculine of center individuals, and boys in mentor programs, community agencies, or in educational programs. It is also a dynamic training for individuals who would like to explore and understand misogynoir, patriarchy and mental health.

By the end of the training participants are able to: 

  • Identify and address the link between toxic masculinity, male privilege, depression, anxiety and violence.

  • Identify signs of common mental health challenges including depression and anxiety. 

  • Describe how their relationship to masculinity impacts their mental health and identify how toxic masculinity may impact others in their communities. 

  • Apply assertive communication and self reflexive skills that subvert toxic masculinity.

  • Build networks of accountability with men and masculine identified individuals that promote accountability and anti-sexist work. 

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