All of our programs, initiatives and projects are directed by our programmatic approach. BEAM's approach: 

  • Validates and gives voice to the legacy of harm in Black Communities.

  • Acknowledges and affirms the historic and present day, resilience, defiance, coping skills and emotional health strategies in Black communities.

  • Gives community members knowledge of how to recognize, prevent and support mental health challenges.

  • Affirms and creates wellness strategies that sync with current cultural practices, knowledge and ways of being.

  • Cultivates skills that promote agency in engaging mental health professionals.

  • Facilitates consciousness raising on social inequities that impact mental and emotional health in Black communities; such as ableism, misogynoir, HIV/AIDS, and LGBTQ issues.

  • Supports advocacy efforts that call for innovative, accessible and community competent models of mental health of care.

  • Leaves community members with tools and education that they can share and reuse with others. 


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