Black Mental Health & Healing Justice Training 

**Registration for our August Training will Open May 1st, 2018. Join our list serve to be notified. 

Course description: BEAM's Black Mental Health & Healing Justice training is a two day, mental health literacy and healing justice traning for people working, living in and supporting Black communities.

The training equips participants with 101 knowledge of mental health issues, myths and challenges in Black communities and provides participants with tools  and skills to offer healing justice informed peer support. 

Who is the course for: This course is for anyone offering any form of peer or emotional health support in Black communities; including but not limited to; activists, advocates, educators, HIV/AIDS workers, substance use support counselors, yoga teachers or anyone else offering support services to Black communities. 

After this training participants will be able to:

  • Name and identify common mental health diagnoses and challenges  in Black communities with accurate information. 
  • Name and identify common treatments for mental health challenges. 
  • Challenge and provide accurate information on common myths on medication, psychology and mental health in Black communities. 
  • Apply and provider peer emotional support through a healing justice framework. 
  • Identify and map out resources for mental health in their own communities.